ScottishPower Renewables is transforming East Anglia into a world leader in offshore wind energy. Find out more about our ambitions to develop four projects across the zone we were awarded as part of The Crown Estate’s Round 3 process.

Local Works Updates

19/07/2021 | East Anglia ONE NORTH / TWO

Ground Investigation Works – Weekly Update

Archaeology works will continue across the proposed substation land and to the east side of Grove Road, moving east towards the coast along the proposed cable route.

To support the works you will see a number of personnel and smaller vehicles on the site along with excavators used to dig and then backfill the trenches. Works will be taking place on Saturday between the hours on 7am and 1pm. Where trenches are being excavated within 100m of properties, acoustic barrier fencing (either around each trench or along a field boundary) will be in place to help minimise noise from the works.

As core works are completed, a smaller team will remain on site over the following weeks for final backfilling and remediation works, and cleaning of the site. Excavator movements will be taking place across the site as these works progress east. 

19/07/2021 | East Anglia HUB

Offshore Investigation Works – Shallow Geotechnical Surveys

Shallow geotechnical surveys undertaken from the Fugro Galaxy vessel will commence offshore Monday 21 June and will continue until mid to late August. These will take place across the East Anglia TWO, ONE North and THREE windfarm sites, as well as along the export cable routes for these projects and will consist of a series of Cone Penetration Tests (CPTs) and Vibrocores being drilled to a depth of six metres below the seabed. CPTs involve a steel cone being pushed into the ground while Vibrocores involve taking cores or samples from the seabed.

The closest the boat will come to shore is about a kilometre off the coast. ScottishPower Renewables has been granted the necessary marine licence for these works. The process of applying for a marine licence includes due consideration of potential impacts on the receiving environment and consultation via the Regulator (the Marine Management Organisation (MMO)) with those relevant technical advisors (including Natural England).

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East Anglia Projects

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East Anglia Projects. Construction and marshalling base - Sustaining part of 3000 construction jobs. State of the art new operations and maintenance base - 100 long term jobs. East Anglia THREE (69km from shore). Received planning consent in 2017. Next generation turbines generating up to 1200 megawatts. Potential to power almost 1000000 homes. East Anglia ONE North (36km from shore). Up to 67 turbines generating up to 800 megawatts. Potential to power up to 65000 homes. Development consent application planned to be submitted Autumn 2019. East Anglia ONE (43km from shore). 102 turbines generating up to 714 megawatts. Potential to power almost 600000 homes. First power expected to be generated Q3 2019. East Anglia TWO (31km from shore). Up to 75 turbines generating up to 900 megawatts. Potential to power up to 740000 homes. Development consent application planned to be submitted Autumn 2019.

*1400 MW installed capacity x 0.367 «offshore wind» load factor x 8760 hours / 3900 kWh annual consumption = 1,154,073 homes powered equivalent

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