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East Anglia ONE North

ScottishPower Renewables is in the very early stages of investigating the potential for a new offshore windfarm project in the East Anglia zone, called East Anglia ONE North.

Infographic -  209km2

The project is located approximately 36 kilometres from the town of Lowestoft, in an area of 209 km2. Initial studies have indicated a potential generating capacity of 800 megawatts.

Onshore survey work commenced in spring 2018 with an extensive phase 1 habitat survey completed across the entire onshore study area in April 2018. The findings of this survey have informed our subsequent onshore species-specific surveys which are currently ongoing. These species-specific surveys include great crested newt presence/absence surveys, bat activity surveys, water vole and otter presence/absence surveys and ornithology surveys, both for breeding birds and species-specific surveys for species such as the Nightjar. 

Archaeological works will begin shortly with geophysical surveys commencing this summer.

Onshore noise and transportation surveys will be commencing shortly to assess baseline activity within the indicative onshore development area, with transportation surveys also being undertaken on transport routes surrounding the indicative onshore development area. The results of this work will help determine what necessary mitigation measures will be required during the construction and operational phases of the project. 

Offshore monthly bird and marine mammal surveys are ongoing and will be continuing for both EA1N and EA2 until August 2018.  Once this survey programme is completed we will have over two years of ornithological and marine mammal data for the area.  

Geophysical and Benthic surveys for the seabed were carried out in spring 2018 after an initial survey in summer 2017. This data will inform archaeological, engineering and ecological assessments.  A Shipping and Navigation survey for both EA1N and EA2 will take place in late summer this year to identify shipping routes within the area to help understand how these routes are currently used.

We have selected a team of dedicated and highly experienced individuals, to plan and execute the strategy for development consent of the project. As part of our ongoing work we will engage with local communities, stakeholders and regulatory bodies, following the time scale below.

Community Consultation Phase 3

Phase 3 of our community consultation takes place from 16th May until 28th August, 31 days after our last planned Public Information Day (PID). We would like to invite you to our next round of PID events so we can consult with your on this area and obtain your feedback.

Phase 3 Public Information Days - June / July 2018

The table below provides the locations and dates for the next series of public information days we will be holding as part of Phase 3 throughout June and July.

The same information will be presented at each of the events listed below. In order to ensure that the public have an opportunity to attend a phase 3 public information day, a number of locations will host two events.

Location Venue Date Time
Orford Town Hall Thursday 28th June 4pm-7pm
Friston Village Hall Friday 29th June 10am-1pm
Leiston Sizewell Sports and Social Hall Friday 29th June 3pm-6pm
Southwold Stella Peskett Hall Saturday 30th June 10am-1pm
Lowestoft Victoria Hotel Thursday 5th July 4pm-7pm
Aldeburgh Jubilee Hall Friday 6th July 10am-1pm
Thorpeness Country Club Saturday 7th July 10am-1pm
Aldeburgh St Peters and St Pauls Church Hall Thursday 26th July 4pm-7pm
Leiston Sizewell Sports and Social Hall Friday 27th July 10am-1pm
Southwold Rugby Club Friday 27th July 3pm-6pm
Friston Village Hall Saturday 28th July 10am-1pm
Thorpeness Country Club Saturday 28th July 3pm-6pm

The key focus of Phase 3 will be to consult on our Indicative Onshore Development Area, which can be found here. In particular we would welcome your views on any mitigation that may be required.

The materials that will be shown at the phase 3 public information days can be viewed using the links below:

Feedback questionnaires will be available on the day at each of the PID events listed above. In addition to providing feedback at the events, we also invite you to provide feedback on the material shown using our online feedback questionnaire. If you would like to give feedback, please complete our online feedback form here.

This feedback form can be sent up to the close of the Phase 3 Consultation on the 28th of August.

We will be liaising with local parish councils in the build up to the PID events and we encourage you to attend these briefing sessions to ensure you are well informed throughout the Phase 3 Consultation. Further information on these parish council briefings can be found within the flow chart and video below.



A summary of Phase 3 from both a public and technical consultation perspective is provided in the flowchart below.


Phase 2 Community Consultation – Update

We concluded Phase 2 of our community consultation on 17th April and we would like to thank everybody who participated in this phase. A summary report of Phase 2 Community Consultation has been prepared to present the feedback we received throughout the March Public Information Days, via post and online via our project website.

The Phase 2 summary report can be viewed here:

Following the conclusion of the Phase 2 community consultation process, SPR has prepared a note outlining our approach to site selection. The note includes the work our expert advisors have undertaken to inform site selection and also states how we make our decisions and, ultimately, the preferred substation zone we have selected for the location of our two substations (one each for East Anglia TWO and ONE North) and one National Grid Energy Transmission Substation).

This note includes links to supporting materials and can be viewed here:

East Anglia TWO/East Anglia ONE North Project Programme Update

Scottish Power Renewables has brought forward the application date for East Anglia ONE North and deferred the application date for East Anglia TWO.  This means that the consultation for both projects can be run concurrently, providing more clarity on the two projects and reducing the consultation burden for stakeholders and communities. It also means there will be greater clarity on cumulative impact and interactions between the projects.  This approach also allow us to engage in a longer period of pre-application consultation, which was requested in previous feedback contributions.

We plan to run combined consultation, stakeholder engagement and a parallel Preliminary Environmental Information Report (PEIR) consultation process for East Anglia ONE North and East Anglia TWO. This consultation process is scheduled for Q1 2019.

Whilst we are consulting on both East Anglia ONE North and East Anglia TWO in parallel, we are also exploring the possibility of applying for consent for East Anglia ONE North and East Anglia TWO at the same time and we will advise on an application date in due course.

Public Information Days - March 2018:

As part of our continuous commitment to engage with local communities, we held a second round of public information days over two consecutive weekends (17th/18th and 24th/25th) in March 2018 at the following locations:

  • Lowestoft
  • Southwold
  • Leiston
  • Thorpeness
  • Aldeburgh
  • Orford

These events provided members of the public with an update on the progress of the East Anglia TWO and ONE North Projects and an opportunity to give feedback to the development team. Thank you to everyone who visited these events.

Supporting material presented at the March 2018 Public Information Days can be viewed using the links below:

Please note that the deadline for submitting feedback following these events has now passed.  Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit comments.  We are currently preparing a summary document based on the feedback we received at and following the events which will be published on this page shortly.

Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) - Published March 6th 2018

In accordance with Section 47 of the Planning Act 2008, ScottishPower Renewables has published a Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC). The aim of the SoCC is to explain how ScottishPower Renewables intends to consult with local communities on the proposed offshore windfarm project known as the East Anglia ONE North Offshore Windfarm (“East Anglia ONE North”), as required under the Planning Act 2008. It details the opportunities available to come and meet us, to ask questions and to comment on the plans for the project.

In response to feedback on our Statement of Community Consultation (SOCC) ScottishPower Renewables have provided some additional information below.

Firstly, we have created a video which provides an introduction to the SoCC  and outlines the next consultation events we are planning to hold in June 2018. This can be found below:

Secondly we have created a flowchart which provides an overview of the public and technical consultation phases we undertake, prior to the submission of the DCO application. Detailed text relating to the consultation phases can be found within the SOCC.

The SoCC can be found here and the accompanying advert to notify of the publication of the SoCC, can be found here.

The deadline for receiving SoCC feedback from the public has now passed. We are currently reviewing the feedback received and we will share an update on our website shortly.

Public Information Days - October / November 2017: Click here for more information.

You can view the Public Information Boards by clicking here

You can view the photomontages shown at the Public Information Day by clicking on the next links:

A feedback form was made available to attendees. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this information, you should click here. You can also view the 'East Anglia ONE North Summary of Environmental Considerations' document here

Scoping Report - November 2017

As part of the consenting process we submitted Scoping Reports for East Anglia TWO and East Anglia ONE North to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for their consideration in November 2017. These Scoping Reports requested a scoping opinion to agree the methodology for undertaking the full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). These assessments form part of the Environmental Statement which will be submitted as part of the full Development Consent application. The Scoping Reports provided a clear description of our proposed infrastructure, and connection route to the electricity transmission network. The scoping process also sought stakeholder opinions on the areas to be investigated in detail when undertaking our Environmental Impact Assessments.

  • The Scoping Report for East Anglia ONE North can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorate website by clicking here.
  • We received the scoping opinion from PINS in December 2017. You can view this by clicking here.
  • We are currently reviewing the scoping opinion and considering the views of our stakeholders.
  • To register your interest and be kept up to date as this project progresses, click here.

Updated Export Cable Corridor Area of Search (AoS)

A number of changes have been made to the Area of Search (AoS) for the East Anglia TWO and East Anglia ONE North export cable corridors to address matters raised through our ongoing stakeholder engagement and to reduce overall impacts of the project.  The changes to the AoS will not necessitate an amendment to the Scoping Report. 

A visual overview of changes to the export cable corridor is provided below. A full description of the changes can be viewed here

Cable corridor area of search

Upcoming Project Milestones

  • Consultation on Draft Environmental Statement - Q1 2019
  • Full Development Consent Application - Q4 2019

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