East Anglia THREE

East Anglia THREE is the second project ScottishPower Renewables is developing in the East Anglia Zone. Consent for the project was received on 7th August 2017.

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*1400 MW installed capacity x 0.367 «offshore wind» load factor x 8760 hours / 3900 kWh annual consumption = 1,154,073 homes powered equivalent

The Project

East Anglia THREE comprises an offshore windfarm approximately 69km from the Suffolk coast and an onshore cable route to transport energy to a convertor station in Bramford. The project includes:

  • An offshore windfarm area of approximately 305km2
  • Offshore wind turbines and associated foundations anticipated to be up to 100 wind turbines;
  • From 262m tip height of the turbines and rotor diameter of from 230m
  • One offshore converter station
  • Up to four subsea export cables to transmit electricity from the offshore platforms to shore
  • Landfall at Bawdsey with onshore transition pits to join the offshore and onshore cables
  • Two electrical and up to three fibre optic onshore underground cables, pulled through existing ducting laid by East Anglia ONE, running over 37 km from landfall to the connection point at Bramford
  • An onshore converter station at Bramford, to connect the offshore windfarm to the existing National Grid Bramford substation

Once constructed, the windfarm would operate for up to 25 years.