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East Anglia THREE

East Anglia THREE is the second project ScottishPower Renewables is developing in the East Anglia Zone. Consent for the project was received on 7th August 2017.

View our East Anglia THREE project background to find out more.

Infographic: 172 turbines
Infographic: 1200 megawatts
Infographic: Number of homes powerered - 890,000
Infographic: windfarm area 395 square kilometres

*Calculated taking the number of megawatts (1,200) multiplied by the number of hours in one year (8,766), multiplied by the average load factor for offshore wind (34.88 %, published by the Digest of United Kingdom Energy Statistics), divided by the average annual household energy consumption (4,115 kWh), giving an equivalent of powering 891,029 homes.

For East Anglia THREE we are developing up to 172 turbines and up to 1,200 MW.

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