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East Anglia TWO

ScottishPower Renewables is in the very early stages of investigating the potential for a new offshore windfarm project in the East Anglia zone, called East Anglia TWO.

Infographic - 900MW
Infographic -  255 km2

The project is located approximately 31 km from the town of Lowestoft, in an area of 255 km2. Initial studies have indicated a potential generating capacity of up to 900 megawatts.

We are undertaking an internal review of the existing environmental data available on the project areas and are carrying out relevant surveys. Monthly offshore surveys of birds and marine mammals are continuing and further remote sensing surveys of the seabed (geophysical) took place over the Summer 2017 and will continue in Spring 2018 to inform archaeology and ecological assessments. Onshore environmental surveys will also commence in the Spring 2018 following selection of a preferred cable route. 

We have selected a team of dedicated and highly experienced individuals, to plan and execute the strategy for development consent of the project. As part of our ongoing work we will engage with local communities, stakeholders and regulatory bodies, following the time scale below.

  • Public Information Days - October / November 2017: Click here for more information.
    You can view the Public Information Boards by clicking here 

    You can view the photomontages shown at the Public Information Day by clicking on the next links:

    You are welcome to view the visualisation boards that were displayed at the Public Information Days by visiting:

    • OrbisEnergy
    • Wilde Street
    • Lowestoft
    • Suffolk
    • NR32 1XH

    Opening hours: 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.

    A feedback form was made available to attendees. Should you wish to discuss any aspect of this information, you should click here.

    We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who visited our Public Information Days in October and November 2017. We have prepared a Summary based on the feedback we received at the events and it is available to view here. We will be holding further public information days in March 2018 (details below). Look out for advertisements in the local press and on this website.

    You can also view the 'East Anglia TWO Summary of Environmental Considerations' document here 
  • Scoping Report - November 2017
  • Consultation on Draft Environmental Statement - Winter 2018
  • Full Development Consent Application - 2019

As part of the consenting process we submitted Scoping Reports for East Anglia TWO and East Anglia ONE North to the Planning Inspectorate (PINS) for their consideration in November 2017. These Scoping Reports requested a scoping opinion to agree the methodology for undertaking the full Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). These assessments form part of the Environmental Statement which will be submitted as part of the full Development Consent application. The Scoping Reports provided a clear description of our proposed infrastructure, and connection route to the electricity transmission network. The scoping process also sought stakeholder opinions on the areas to be investigated in detail when undertaking our Environmental Impact Assessments.

The Scoping Report for East Anglia TWO can be viewed on the Planning Inspectorate website by clicking here.

We received the scoping opinion from PINS in December 2017. You can view this by clicking here.

We are currently reviewing the scoping opinion and considering the views of our stakeholders.

We will continue to update this website, providing information on Public Information Days in March 2018 and Notices to Mariners.

To register your interest and be kept up to date as this project progresses, click here.

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