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East Anglia THREE Background

East Anglia THREE is the second project ScottishPower Renewables is developing in the East Anglia Zone. 

Offshore windfarm


In 2009, ScottishPower Renewables, working in a 50:50 joint venture partnership with Vattenfall Wind Power, was awarded rights to develop offshore capacity off the coast of East Anglia as part of the Crown Estate’s Round Three programme.

Following a formal split of the joint venture partnership, ScottishPower Renewables is now progressing East Anglia THREE towards consent, as the second project to be delivered in the East Anglia zone.

Public engagement on the project began in November 2012 and we hosted public consultations in October and November 2013, in June and July 2014 and in June and July 2015. Following this, the Application for Consent was submitted in November 2015. This was accepted by the Planning Inspectorate in December 2015.

Additional consultation on the documents we have submitted forming our application is due to commence in spring 2016.

The Project

East Anglia THREE is located in the northern half of our zone and covers an area of approximately 305km2. We anticipate the project including:

  • Offshore wind turbines and associated foundations (anticipated to be up to 172 wind turbines, each having a rated capacity of between 7 megawatts (MW) and 12 MW) with an installed capacity of up to 1,200 MW;
  • Up to two meteorological masts and foundations;
  • Up to two LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) monitoring buoys;
  • Up to four offshore collector stations and up to two offshore converter station platforms;
  • Up to one offshore platform housing accommodation facilities;
  • Subsea inter-array cables between the wind turbines and converter station and collector station platforms;
  • Up to four subsea export cables to transmit electricity from the offshore platforms to shore;
  • Up to four interconnector cables between the East Anglia ONE and East Anglia THREE Projects;
  • Scour protection around foundations and on inter-array and export cables as required;
  • Landfall at Bawdsey with onshore transition pits to join the offshore and onshore cables;
  • Up to four onshore underground cables pulled through existing ducting to be laid by East Anglia ONE, running for approximately 37 km from landfall to the connection point at Bramford, Suffolk, with jointing pits, to transmit electricity to a new onshore transformer substation;
  • An onshore transformer substation at Bramford, Suffolk, to connect the offshore windfarm to the National Grid;
  • The permanent and / or temporary compulsory acquisition (if required) of land and / or rights for the proposed Project;
  • Overriding of easements and other rights over or affecting land for the proposed Project;
  • The application and / or disapplication of legislation relevant to the proposed Project including inter alia legislation relating to compulsory purchase; and
  • Such ancillary, incidental and consequential provisions, permits or consents as are necessary and / or convenient.

Find Out More

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  • Interested in viewing the project documents? Click here to view our submissions via the Planning Inspectorate website.
  • Interested in viewing archive documents for the project? Click here.

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