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Sustainability and Ecology

ScottishPower Renewables are committed to delivering a greener future which drives every aspect of our work. With a focus on sustainable energy generation, both onshore and offshore, we are dedicated to improving our shared environment for generations to come.

Explore how we harness the power of nature to create cleaner, greener energy solutions whilst minimising our carbon footprint and regenerating our natural environments.

Onshore Restoration for Offshore Projects

At an onshore level our commitment extends beyond sustainable energy generation to the meticulous care of our natural environment. We take pride in our role as an energy developer and understand our responsibility to care for and protect the land that we work on, contributing to the regeneration of wildlife habitats.

Through thoughtful planning and responsible practices, we strive to harmonize renewable energy development with the preservation and restoration on onshore ecosystems allowing the renewables industry to coexist in harmony with the environment around us. Learn more about our onshore sustainability efforts.

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Whitelee Wind Turbine

Peatland Restoration

Our ecology team work tirelessly to collect data, protect wildlife, compile ecological research and monitor peatland health. We are truly dedicated to creating a better future in which a healthier natural environment plays a vital role. Learn more about the work our ecology team engage in and the benefit their work brings.

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Further details of our environmental management activities are presented in the annual Iberdrola Sustainability Report.

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