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How will the Renewable Energy Development affect the current use of my land?

This will depend upon both the current land usage, and the technology best suited for your land, often renewable energy can compliment the existing land use. Typically, there is no disruption during the development phase. We will always strive to minimise any disruption to your present use during construction and operation. Each project is unique, so please get in touch and we will be more than happy to discuss your options.

How much land is needed/required?

This will depend on the type and scale of the technology deployed. For our solar and wind sites, often an assemblage of multiple land parcels will be collated due to the land area required. Our team is well placed to review and consider these requirements so please do not discount your opportunity on this basis. Battery storage technologies may require a smaller land footprint, and can typically be located on a single land holding. We will investigate the options for you during the initial feasibility.

How long will construction of the project take?

As a full-service developer, we develop, deliver and operate our projects. This provides us with all of the resources to move through the construction process as smoothly as possible. The timeline however, will depend on the renewable technology, and differing characteristics of each specific site, such as; the extent of initial access works required.

Are you only seeking land in rural areas?

The scale of developments tend to favour rural or semi-rural locations however, smaller developments may be possible in more urban areas, including on brownfield sites.

Will I always deal with Scottish Power Renewables?

As SPR develop, deliver and operate our sites for the lifetime of the project. At each stage of the process, you will have a designated point of contact who will manage the project and contractual relationship with you.

How will the development impact the local community?

SPR believes the benefits our projects bring should be shared with the communities where they operate. Throughout the operational life of our onshore renewable projects, we create and support community benefit funds to provide communities with the power to best serve the needs of their local area. To date, we have contributed almost £60m to communities throughout the UK.

For more information please visit: Community Benefit - ScottishPower Renewables

Is it worth my while? Is the renewables industry a good/safe investment?

As the world migrates to more sustainable energy sources, there are more opportunities to diversify your land to renewables. With our 20+ years’ experience thus far, SPR are best placed to help you achieve this with your land to give you an attractive and stable long-term income that helps to bring a better future, quicker for everyone.


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