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Solar PV

Our Solar PV sites are an important player in our overall generation of clean energy. Despite the majority of our energy being created through wind power, solar energy plays a vital role in helping us work towards our energy generation targets.

We look to increase our number of solar sites driving Scotland towards a cleaner, greener future, and moving the UK closer to its Net Zero target.

Solar and it’s Environment

Unlike traditional energy sources that rely on fossil fuels, solar panels generate electricity without emitting harmful greenhouse gases or pollutants. Their production involves minimal water usage and with every advancement, the manufacturing processes continue to reduce their environmental footprint.

The operational phase of solar panels is notably quiet and doesn’t disrupt ecosystems, making them a favourable choice in comparison to alternative power sources. Additionally, solar farms do not require extensive land alteration once established allowing the land to remain intact without the relocation of wildlife habitats.

The lack of moving parts in solar panel operation further minimises the risk of harm to wildlife, and their low maintenance requirements result in sustained tranquillity for surrounding habitats. This harmonious coexistence underlines the eco-friendly nature of solar energy, showcasing its potential to provide power without compromising the delicate balance of natural environments.

SitePlanning InformationSolar Power Capacity
Brigstock Solar ProjectBrigstock Planning Information49.9MW
Bryn Henllys Solar ProjectBryn Henllys Solar Project25.77MW
Down Barn Farm Solar ProjectDown Barn Farm Planning Information49.9MW
East Ballochy Solar ProjectEast Ballochy Planning Information39.9MW Solar, 10MW BESS
Grafton Underwood Solar ProjectGrafton Underwood Planning Information38MW
Knighton Solar ProjectKnighton Project Information49.9MW
Milltown Solar ProjectMilltown Project Information49.9MW
Oldhouse Farm Solar ProjectOldhouse Farm Project Information25MW
Pipplepen Solar ProjectPipplepen Project Information32MW
Ranksborough Solar ProjectRanksborough Project Information30MW
Sparrow Lodge Solar ProjectSparrow Lodge Solar Project20MW
Speyslaw Solar ProjectSpeyslaw Project Information20MW
Thurlaston Solar ProjectThurlaston Project Information40MW
Tuckey Farm Solar ProjectTuckey Farm Project Information25MW
Wauntysswg Solar ProjectWauntysswg Project Information30MW
Wood Lane Solar ProjectWood Lane Project Information49.9MW

Please note that Power Capacity figures are proposed figures and are subject to change throughout the planning and construction process.

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