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Solar Hybrid

Solar hybrid sites differ in comparison to solar PV sites as Solar PV sites rely solely on photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight into electricity. Comparatively, solar hybrid sites integrate solar PV technology with other energy sources, such as our already operational windfarms, strengthening energy production reliability and ensuring a more stable output.

Over the next decade, we look to increase the number of Solar Sites, both standalone and hybrid, increasing their stake in our overall energy generation in order to diversify our renewable production portfolio.

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Why Solar Hybrid?

Solar Hybrid sites offer us significant benefits due to their versatility and reliability. Combining solar power with another energy source such as wind, creates a more resilient and stable energy generation system.

This hybrid approach ensures continuous power production, even when sunlight is limited or intermittent, addressing one of the key challenges of standalone solar installations. Additionally, the combination of solar on wind farms ensures energy generation even on calm days when the wind is blowing less.

Hybrid systems such as Carland Cross enhance grid stability by providing consistent power output, reducing dependence on backup generators during periods of low energy production. This not only improves the overall reliability of the energy supply but also supports a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy portfolio, aligning with our goal of reaching Net Zero by 2050.

SiteProject InformationSolar Power Capacity
Carland CrossCarland Cross10MW
Coal CloughCoal Clough10MW
Whitelee HybridWhitelee Hybrid20MW

Please note that Power Capacity figures are proposed figures and are subject to change throughout the planning and construction process. 

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