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Sheirdrim Renewable Energy Development



Sheirdrim Renewable Energy Development is located on the Kintyre Peninsula in Argyll and Bute.

Current Stage

ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) application for a 134MW wind-hybrid renewable energy development in Argyll and Bute, Scotland has been referred to the Scottish Government’s Planning and Environmental Appeals Division (DPEA). Details of the application can be found on the DPEA website at:

DPEA – Sheirdrim Renewable Energy Development

Project History

As part of the development process two wind monitoring masts were installed within the site, one south of Sheirdrim Hill in August 2016 and another west of Cruach Nam Fiadh in June 2019. A Scoping report was submitted to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consent Unit in April 2019. In October 2019 a planning application was submitted to the Energy Consents Unit (ECU) for consideration.

Renewable Energy Technologies

A Section 36 application has been submitted to the Energy Consents Unit for 19 wind turbines, solar arrays and energy storage facility.

Combining energy storage with wind and solar technologies presents a valuable solution for the development and will help to meet Scotland’s improved carbon emissions targets (75% reduction by 2030 and ‘net zero’ by 2040, 5 years quicker than the whole of the UK).

Community Consultation

Early consultation is key to the way we develop our projects, and throughout the development process we ensure local communities and stakeholders are given the opportunity to provide feedback and are kept informed of project progress.

Public Information Days were held in Clachan, Whitehouse and Skipness in June 2019 along with engagement with the local and neighbouring Community Councils.

With established sites nearby, SPR has a history of engaging positively with communities within the region. We are keen to ensure employment and the business skills required to maximise economic benefits can be delivered locally to ensure those who live near our sites benefit.


SPR will continue in its commitment to promoting local jobs, skills and inward investment and will actively engage with local communities and businesses.  During the construction phase alone the development is expected to support over 300 jobs in Scotland with approximately one third of these opportunities benefitting local residents.

To date, SPR has voluntarily awarded over £2 million in community benefit funding to communities in Argyll & Bute, helping to support a wide range of local projects and community initiatives including: 

  • Over £90,000 towards energy efficiency, general maintenance and equipment for various local village halls.
  • Over £450,000 towards youth & education activities including upskilling.
  • £12,000 towards the refurbishment and running costs of the Campbeltown Picture House.
  • £10,700 to support the Kintyre Way route and Kintyre Way Ultra events
  • Contributions of £7,500 towards the Kintyre Community Dialysis Unit.

SPR is committed to funding further projects in the local area, including those identified in various local community council action plans, which could improve community buildings, support new services and expand village infrastructure. 

We are keen to discuss a community benefit package, tailored to meet the needs of the surrounding community, and which has the capability to support the areas long term development ambitions.

Site Enhancements

  • The project will facilitate the construction of a hide where various interesting species and habitats in the area can be observed and enjoyed. 
  • A viewpoint will be installed at the highest point of Cruach nam Fiadh giving views over the landscape.
  • Hydrological improvements will be made in various locations which will assist with flooding concerns over Clachan burn.
  • Archaeological features identified during site visits will be preserved and enhanced by improving access and through installation of display boards. 
  • Footpaths linking the Kintyre Way to the site will be constructed to open access into and through the site.
  • Examples of Ecological Activity at ScottishPower Renewables' Onshore Windfarms can be found here: Enhancing the Environment

Design Considerations & Evolution 

The site design has been reached through feedback from consultees and communities, where positions of renewable technologies and associated infrastructure have evolved through an iterative design process to achieve a final layout sympathetic to environmental constraints and the surrounding landscape.  

The decision to reduce the layout to 19 turbines up to 149.9 m to tip, allowed for 7 fewer turbines to be used (from initial scoping layout) which provided the opportunity for the co-location of other technologies. Solar arrays were considered suitable for the site, even more so, since the reduced number of turbines freed up space in the land which was considered adequate for areas of solar development. Similarly, energy storage technology was considered, of which battery technology was identified as being the most suitable, currently. Energy storage will help enhance the flexibility of the Renewable Energy Development.


The Sheirdrim Renewable Energy Development Project Team can be contacted directly by email

Project Documents

Please click on the links below to view the Sheirdrim Renewable Energy Development EIA Report documents.

Volume 3a - Figures


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