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Powering Communities

As responsible developers of renewable energy, we seek to power the communities around our projects during development, throughout construction and during operation.

As long-term neighbours we feel the benefits of our projects should be shared and we do this in a variety of ways.

During development we proactively consult with local residents, seeking input to our proposals to shape its design, ultimately influencing the application we submit and the projects we construct and operate.

During construction we invite local companies to meet with us to find out more about the type of contracts being let and to find out how they can get involved. At our existing windfarms we have used a variety of local business and suppliers for services such as ground clearance, catering, accommodation, fencing and decorating.

During the operation of our onshore windfarms we create and support community benefit funds, empowering communities to control how this money is spent to best serve the needs of the local area. To date we have given more than £18.5 million to communities across the UK.

Our focus is on building positive relationships at a local level and to gather good news about the kinds of initiatives that communities are delivering with our help. We have created newsletters for the three regions where we have the majority of our onshore activity so that we can share ideas and updates.

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