Powering Communities

Community Benefits

As responsible developers of renewable energy, ScottishPower Renewables seeks to power the communities around our windfarms during development, throughout construction and during operation.

As long-term neighbours we feel the benefits of our projects should be shared and we do this in a variety of ways.

During development we proactively consult with local residents, seeking their input to our proposal to shape its design, ultimately influencing the application we submit and the projects we construct and operate.

During construction we invite local companies to meet with us to find out more about the type of contracts being let and to find out how they can get involved. At our existing windfarms we have used a variety of local business and suppliers for services such as ground clearance, catering, accommodation, fencing and decorating.

During the operation of our onshore windfarms we create and support community benefit funds, empowering communities to control how this money is spent to best serve the needs of their local area. To date we have contributed more than £42 million to communities across the UK.

Our focus is on building positive relationships at a local level and gathering good news about the initiatives that communities are delivering with our help.

Climate Action

The Scottish Government’s Climate Change Act 2019 commits Scotland to net-zero emissions of all greenhouse gases by 2045.

This will see the electrification of transport and heat and a continued shift away from electricity generated by fossil fuels to renewable generation including onshore wind, offshore wind and solar PV. Battery storage will help to increase system flexibility.

Since the Paris agreement, ScottishPower has become the first integrated energy company in the UK to shift completely from coal and gas generations to 100% renewable energy generation.

Over the next five years ScottishPower has made a commitment to invest £10bn in the clean energy generation and the networks infrastructure needed to help the UK decarbonise. As a Principal Partner for COP26, we are ready to play our part and determined to keep up the pace of progress need to tackle climate change.

ScottishPower Renewables is encouraging communities to identify and deliver sustainable initiatives with the community benefit funds from our operational windfarms, helping their local community to reduce their carbon footprint. 

More than £340,000 of our community benefit funds have been used across the UK to deliver energy efficiency initiatives in community buildings including upgrading insulation and heating systems, installing double glazing, biomass boilers and solar panels.


Our Harestanes Windfarm community benefit fund provided £15,000 seed funding enabling the resident-led Nith Valley Leaf Trust (NVLT), to secure further funding to develop and construct three affordable, family-sized, energy efficient Passivhaus certified rental properties in the community of Closeburn. At Coldham Windfarm, Fenland District Council has contributed £3,861 to Resource Futures Ltd to assist in the delivery of an online recycling education campaign to promote sustainability and encourage lasting behavioural changes.

Community Benefit COP26 Challenge

ScottishPower Renewables is encouraging communities to identify and deliver sustainable initiatives with the community benefit funds they receive from our operational windfarms, helping their local community to reduce their carbon footprint.

In the run up to COP26, we launched a Net Zero Community Benefit Challenge for communities that are eligible to apply to our community benefit funds. We invited them to tell us about the Net Zero initiatives they are looking to deliver and to have a chance of receiving up to £5,000 to help fund their project.

ScottishPower Renewables is delighted to announce that we will be awarding funds to two applicants to the Net Zero Community Benefit Challenge, the Glencairn Memorial Institute Committee and Stoneykirk Community Council.  

The Glencairn Memorial Institute Committee is being awarded £5,000 for energy efficiency upgrades to their hall. These upgrades will include the installation of an electric boiler which will be powered by solar PV. This will help to renovate this valued community building, which is regularly used by a wide range of local groups, in a sustainable manner.

The Glencairn Memorial Institute Committee have said: The GMI is a much loved and used town hall and war memorial. As a charity the committee work extremely hard to maintain the hall but as with all buildings, modernisation is needed. We are delighted that ScottishPower Renewables has granted the GMI £5,000 towards new energy efficiency measures such as insulation and heating systems. It is a fantastic helping hand towards the ongoing renovations helping to future proof the hall for generations to come.”

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An additional sum of £1,000 is being awarded to Stoneykirk Community Council for the Sandhead Community Friendship Garden. The garden aims to grow and sell local produce as a sustainable local resource and promote community spirit. This award will contribute towards the costs to install a permanent water supply to the gardens and to install new raised beds for flowers and vegetables.


The Stoneykirk Community Council hopes that these improvements will encourage more people to experience and use the community garden, including school children. This will improve health and wellbeing in the area, encouraging the sharing of skills and experience across generations within the community while producing sustainable local produce.

What is Net Zero

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Click to view video

Sam Gardener, Head of Climate Change and Sustainability at ScottishPower, talks about Net Zero and the steps we can all take to address climate change.