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Offshore Construction Update

East Anglia ONE is one of the largest offshore windfarms currently under construction in the world and is breaking new grounds in the realm of windfarm development.

This summer East Anglia ONE will be the first windfarm project to utilise 66kv cables on a commercial scale. Eighty-five kilometres of cable will deliver power generated by the turbines ashore at Bawdsey. The summer will also see installation of the offshore substation commence, which will collect the electricity from the turbines and transform it to a form suitable for transfer to shore.

UXO surveys

Prior to construction taking place offshore, an unexploded ordinance (UXO) clearance campaign was undertaken at the windfarm site, covering the identification and clearance of UXOs on the array area and export cable route. A number of World War II UXOs were identified and detonated, to ensure that the site was safe for work to begin on the development of the windfarm.

Above: East Anglia ONE's steel jacket structures, on route to the Netherlands in preparation for installation.

Wind turbine foundations

Construction of the first offshore infrastructure began in spring this year with the successful installation of the first pile structures, a major milestone in the project.

Above: Piles on the quayside in Vlissingen, Netherlands, ready for installation

The piles have a diameter of 2.5 metres, range in length from 39-55 metres and can weigh up to 144 tonnes. These piles form the foundation structures that support the towers, blades and nacelles of the wind turbines. Following the successful installation of the piles, the next phase is the installation of the triangular jacket foundations which sit on three piles each.

Jacket Foundations

Above: Jacket foundations. View a larger version of this image

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