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Notice to Mariners

Advance notification will be given of offshore survey works associated with vessels being used for MachairWind. These notices will provide details of the location, timings and vessels involved. Further details are provided below.

Scheduled maintenance works on the metocean equipment will be undertaken over a 7-day period from the 1st December 2023, weather dependent from the Port of Kishorn.

Maintenance of Metocean Equipment Notice to Mariners MCW-GEB-PMG-IBR-00003

MachairWind deployed metocean equipment in April 2023 on the windfarm site and export cable corridor. A single FLiDAR buoy, two wave buoys and two seabed frames will collect sea state, current and wind data for a duration of one year. This will provide us with a detailed understanding of the site conditions. There is a possibility of the campaign being extended, an additional NtM will be distributed if there is an extension. Find more information in our Notice to Mariners: 

MCW-GEN-CSM-NOT-IBR-000002 - Confirmation of Floating LiDAR and Metocean Survey Deployment

A maintenance visit on the floating LiDAR buoy, surface metocean equipment buoys and seabed landers, (which were deployed at two sites in April 2023) is scheduled. A partial service visit took place in August. However, due to weather, the service could not be completed. We aim to return to site October 14th 2023 to finalise the maintenance visit. Please find an updated Notice to Mariners below.

MCW-GEN-PMG-COM-IBR-000003 Maintenance of Metocean Equipment

MachairWind commenced Site Investigation work late summer of 2023, within the Option Agreement Area. Find more information in our Notice to Mariners: 

Commencement Site Investigation Works Notice to Mariners MCW-GEN-PMG-COM-IBR-000004

Mariner boat travels through east anglia

Supporting SPR with Marine Operations

If you are the owner of a fishing or other vessel that is under 500GT who would like to bid for any marine operations work relating to the windfarm, please note that the following minimum criteria will apply:


Engagement with Local Fishers

Our liaison officers – Brown and May Marine – are currently engaging with local fishers on an ongoing basis. Thus far, several fishers from Islay and Jura have pinpointed frequently used seabed areas and ports, as well as vessels operating in the project area. This has assisted us in analysing the area to ensure continuation activity for sea users within the site. We thoroughly appreciate the cooperation of sea users and fishers within Argyll & Bute and look forward to ongoing discussions. 

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