Clean Energy

We are proud to have one of the most comprehensive portfolios of onshore and offshore renewable opportunities in Scotland and across the UK. This includes offshore wind projects that could become the first commercial-scale floating windfarms in the world, with MachairWind being the largest offshore project, with foundations that are fixed to the seabed, within our portfolio. Delivering these projects will provide a considerable contribution to the energy transition and help ensure UK climate change targets are achieved.

Protecting the Environment

At SPR, we pride ourselves on being a responsible developer and approach all our renewables’ projects in a considered and sensitive way that takes account of the local environment and ecology. To ensure we have a clear and comprehensive picture of the environment in our development area, we have commissioned a range of baseline surveys, including offshore ornithology (birds) and marine mammal surveys, to gather data that will inform the project development. Further baseline surveys are planned as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process.

An EIA Consultant for both the offshore and onshore elements of the project has been appointed who will lead on the environmental and technical studies throughout the consenting process. Our Lead EIA Consultant will draft EIA Scoping Reports for both the offshore and onshore components of the project, and these will be part of a formal consultation with statutory bodies and the public, including local communities.