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Llandinam Windfarm Repowering

Llandinam Windfarm, formerly known as Penrhyddlan and Llidiartywaun, is one of the oldest within the ScottishPower Renewables portfolio. It is operated with Eurus Energy under the trading name of CeltPower Ltd.

In May 2008, we submitted an application to repower Llandinam Windfarm. If consented, we would decommission the existing 102 turbines and replace them with 42 new turbines.

In January 2012, we submitted Supplementary Environmental Information to present the findings of additional survey work we have undertaken at the site since May 2008, and to present the changes we have made to our original plans in response to stakeholder comments which entailed the removal of three turbines from the May 2008 layout.

In April 2013, we submitted further Supplementary Environmental Information detailing the removal of a further five turbines in response to feedback received through ongoing consultation.

Our current proposal involves the removal of the existing 102 turbines, replacing them with 34 new turbines.

On 7th September 2015 the project received consent under Section 36 of the Electricity Act 1989 from the Secretary of State for Energy.

Supplementary Environmental Information April 2013

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