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Other characteristics

Emissions, Air Quality and Climate Change

There are no adverse emissions to air or land associated with operation of any part of the Proposed Development.

Noise and Vibration

The Development is not considered to present a significant impact arising from noise and vibration. Solar PV and BESS facilities of the type proposed do not generate significant noise during their operation. Effects would be minimised by the adoption of mitigation measures and following construction best practice standards, as identified in the CEMP.

Health and Safety

There are no significant risks to human health identified in the context of the operation of the Proposed Development. Construction and operation will be compliant with all applicable Health and Safety Legislation (HSAWA1974, COSHH2012, CDM2015, etc.).


The construction is unlikely to generate significant quantities of waste materials. Waste management will be further addressed within a future CEMP for the site.

Glint and Glare

Glint and Glare (i.e. potential reflections from the solar arrays) will be assessed as part of the planning application, and the impact this could have on local users and aviation quantified. No significant impact is expected.

Resources and Socioeconomics

During construction temporary construction compound and equipment laydown areas will be required. These areas will be replaced with solar panels towards the end of the construction period. The Proposed Development will benefit local employment and will provide a wider service benefit to the local and wider economy by offering efficient green energy.

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