Hollandmey Renewable Energy Development Public Information Event

Welcome to the Hollandmey Renewable Energy Development (Earraghail RED) Public Information Event, which provides an update on ScottishPower Renewable’s (SPR) proposals at Hollandmey. This Event ran until 10 February 2021.

SPR previously held a Public Information Event in October 2020. At that stage the design of the proposed Development had not been finalised and the environmental surveys were ongoing. The purpose of that Event was to allow the local community to provide feedback on the design process, provide local knowledge of the area and to raise any other issues they may have. Since then, the baseline surveys have been completed, site design has been refined and the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is now underway. This Event was an opportunity for SPR to provide the community with an update and demonstrate how feedback we have received has been addressed.

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