Hollandmey Renewable Energy Development - Benefits

As a responsible developer, SPR strives to be a good neighbour in all aspects of our work. We are committed to the Highlands and, in particular, to maximising opportunities for local communities to benefit from our projects.

SPR has been working alongside communities throughout the UK for nearly two decades and has to date contributed more than £36 million in benefit funds to support initiatives and projects for those communities local to our windfarm sites. ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) has been a neighbour for many years, generating cleaner power and socio-economic benefits to local communities in the Highlands. We own and operate Beinn Tharsuinn Windfarm and are currently constructing Halsary Windfarm. Community benefit funds from these developments are projected to exceed £2.5 million in the local area over the lifespan of the projects.

Above: ScottishPower Renewables completed a £38,000 programme of environmental enhancements at Wick's riverside area

Sharing the Benefit

With the development of these Sites nearby, SPR is continuing the history of working positively with local communities in the Highland region of Scotland. The flexible approach adopted by SPR has empowered local communities to decide what the Community Benefit funds are spent on. This has resulted in a fantastic diversity of projects being delivered from improving local amenities including town halls, cinemas and local youth clubs, to supporting work experience places, educational workshops and much more.

We are also keen to create employment opportunities during the construction and operation of our windfarms that can be delivered locally to benefit those who live near our Sites.

Above: Local walking group at SPR’s Dersalloch Windfarm

Employment Opportunities

We are committed to maximising employment opportunities for those local to our projects by making sure that local people and businesses have the opportunity to be part of our industry’s success.

As a major infrastructure development, Hollandmey Renewable Energy Development has the potential to create employment opportunities. If consent is granted, jobs would be created both during construction and after completion, in support, operation and maintenance activities.

Opportunities for Local Businesses

New renewable energy developments can bring increased opportunities for local companies to gain new business. We are interested in working with local businesses that can provide a variety of skills and services during the construction phase and operational lifetime of our development. This may include services such as ground and road maintenance, catering, building trades and plant hire.

Above: Tower construction at SPR’s Kilgallioch Windfarm

We will host ‘Meet the Contractor’ events prior to construction, aimed specifically at small to medium enterprises, to discuss the types of contracts being let during construction and operation.

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