Euchanhead RED - Introduction

ScottishPower Renewables

ScottishPower Renewables is part of the ScottishPower group of companies operating in the UK under the Iberdrola Group, one of the world’s largest integrated utility companies and a world leader in wind energy.  ScottishPower now only produces 100% green electricity – focusing on wind energy, smart grids and driving the change to a cleaner, electric future. The company is investing over £4m every working day* to make this happen and is committed to speeding up the transition to cleaner electric transport, improving air quality and over time, driving down bills to deliver a better future, quicker for everyone.

ScottishPower Renewables is at the forefront of the development of the renewables industry through pioneering ideas, forward thinking and outstanding innovation.  Its ambitious growth plans include expansion of its existing onshore wind portfolio, investment in new large scale solar deployment and innovative grid storage systems including batteries. The company is also delivering the Iberdrola Group’s offshore windfarms in the Southern North Sea off East Anglia.

With over 40 operational windfarms, ScottishPower Renewables manages all its sites through its world leading Control Centre at Whitelee Windfarm, near Glasgow.

* between 2018-2022

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Above: Turbines in image are 120 m tall. The proposed turbine height at Euchanhead will be up to 230 m to blade tip.

ScottishPower Renewables’ history in your area

ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) has been a neighbour for over 20 years, generating cleaner power and socio-economic benefits to local communities in Dumfries and Galloway and East Ayrshire.

SPR is well established in south west Scotland and currently owns and operates a number of onshore windfarms in the Dumfries and Galloway / East Ayrshire region (Harestanes, Ewe Hill, Wether Hill, Killgallioch, Hare Hill, Hare Hill Extension and Whitelee) as well as a number of others in the wider region such as Glen App and Dersalloch.

SPR has to date contributed over £14,900,000 of community benefits across Dumfries and Galloway and East Ayrshire through their established presence in the area.

This project is a result of our partnership with Forestry and Land Scotland, where SPR was awarded exclusive rights to investigate the feasibility of onshore renewable energy projects within the National Forest Estate in south west Scotland.

View further information on renewable energy on the National Forest Estate.

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