East Ballochy Solar Project

The proposed Development comprises solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that will provide up to 39.9MW of power; and a battery storage system of up to 10MW, which will be able to provide grid flexibility services, with an approximately 7.5km power export connection.


ScottishPower Renewables is consulting on our proposal to develop a solar PV and battery storage project located in Montrose, Angus. The scheme is developed in partnership with the principal landowner, Stracathro Estates. The initial planning and design information currently presented are the first steps towards the submission of a formal planning application, and will provide an opportunity for discussion and feedback to inform the Pre-Application Consultation Report.

The proposed site is a sustainable location for a solar and battery development and will meet national, strategic and local planning objectives, and be in compliance with the Angus Local Development Plan. The development can also bring a range of environmental and economic benefits to Montrose and assist in meeting electricity demands.

Site Description

The proposed solar PV and battery storage site is located on farmland at East Ballochy, near Mill of Dun, Dun, Angus. ScottishPower Renewables intend to establish a point of connection to export the energy generated from the site in the vicinity of Montrose Harbour. This point of connection will require a cable route of 7.5km which will be buried along the entire route.

Click here to view the site location plan

Previous Consent

The proposed development lies within the same footprint of the previously consented East of Ballochy Solar PV scheme, which obtained planning permission from Angus Council in 2014. 

Community Consultation

Early consultation is key to the way ScottishPower Renewables develops its projects and throughout the development process we will strive to ensure local communities and stakeholders are given the opportunity to provide feedback and are kept informed of project progress.  

A Public Information Day (PID) was held In November 2019. For more information about the project, please see the banners displayed at the PID below:

East Ballochy Solar PV Scheme - PID Banners


The project development team can be contacted directly by email.


Please click on the following link to the Angus Council website to view the East Ballochy Solar PV Scheme planning documents:

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