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Survey Works

Survey Works – Update

Following the successful completion of surveys undertaken in the summer of 2015, ScottishPower Renewables is now progressing a series of pre-construction activities. These include the completion of the ecological surveys, ecological mitigation works, site investigations works and further archaeological investigations.   

Ecological surveys commenced in 2015 and will be concluded this spring/summer. The surveys are still ongoing for Bats, notable plants, invertebrate species and birds with the results being used to inform appropriate mitigation measures to be adopted during construction.

The ecological mitigation works started in April 2016 and will be ongoing throughout the year. The mitigation works are to ensure the protection of protected species such as Otters, Water Voles, Reptiles, Great Crested Newts. A variety of mitigation works will be completed specific to the species requirements including suitable habitat creation, relocation, fencing and exclusion.

Site investigation works are being undertaken at the substation site and across the route to obtain further details on the ground conditions to inform detailed designs.

East Anglia Cable Survey

A scheme of archaeological trenching works commenced in 2015 and concluded in March 2016. The results of these works have been used to identify the archaeological mitigation requirements  which will include a focused programme of ‘strip, map and record’  where the topsoil is removed (‘stripped’ under archaeological supervision and the archaeology is then planned and excavated (‘mapped and recorded'). These works are scheduled to commence in late summer 2016.

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