Earraghail RED - Landscape and Visual Considerations

What will it look like?

The proposed Development will result in changes to views, so it is important to show what it would potentially look like as part of the landscape. It is also important that a transparent and objective assessment of the potential changes to landscape and views resulting from the proposed Development is made using established guidance and procedures.

Landscape and Visual Assessment

A LVIA is being undertaken in line with NatureScot (formerly Scottish Natural Heritage) requirements and in accordance with guidance from the Landscape Institute. The LVIA examines the effects on both the landscape and the views and the visual amenity experienced by people living and visiting the area.

The LVIA will use a series of viewpoints representative of views experienced from publicly accessible locations in the area. The viewpoints will be agreed with NatureScot, Argyll and Bute Council, and other consultees. The photographs will be taken at each viewpoint by a professional photographer.

A series of visualisations will be prepared for each viewpoint. These will be a mix of photomontages and wireline representations of the proposed Development.

The viewpoints and photography form part of the information used to inform a systematic and objective assessment of the potential impacts of the proposed Development on the landscape, views and visual amenity of the area surrounding the Site

What we will do...

We will continue to identify how the proposals may affect the environment and incorporate that information into our design process. It will also be informed by the findings and analysis of other environmental studies and feedback from consultees.

Zone of Theoretical Visibility

View a larger version of the map above (opens in a new window)

The ZTV illustrates the theoretical visibility of the Proposed Development, based on what is referred to as a bare earth model. It does not include the screening effect of ground cover features.



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