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Development Process

While each development opportunity is unique to the land available, there are certain milestones each project will pass through during its operational lifespan. This includes consultation with local communities to shape how our proposals develop along with detailed environmental studies to inform design.

Throughout the scope of our operations we implement an array of habitat and environmental surveys to support and implement research in conservation, working in partnership with a wide range of industry bodies to ensure developments are as supportive to the local area as possible.

From initial land discussions, our development process graphic below provides an insight into the key stages SPR progresses its development opportunities through, and we would be happy to discuss this further if you would like to get in touch.


Land Deal Negotiated & Commencement of Feasibility Studies


SPR receive project planning consent


SPR begin construction period
(18-24 months)


Operations & Maintainance Phase
(40 years)


Decommission &
Repower Phase
(Future Onwards)

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