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Climate Action

ScottishPower Renewables is committed to playing a leading role in the fight against climate change and we recognise the fundamental shift that is needed towards green energy.

In 2019, the UK made a legally binding commitment to a zero carbon future, mandating a 2050 end date to its contribution to global warming. Going further than the UK Government, following the advice from the Committee on Climate Change, Scotland has committed to reaching Net Zero by 2045.  The challenge is enormous and requires far-reaching change – not only for government, local authorities, regulators and industry but for communities too.

This will see the electrification of transport and heat and a continued shift away from electricity generated by fossil fuels to renewable generation including onshore wind, offshore wind and solar PV while battery storage will help to increase system flexibility.

ScottishPower is the first integrated energy company in the UK to shift completely from coal and gas generation to 100% renewable energy generation.

We are encouraging communities to identify and deliver sustainable initiatives with the community benefit funds from our operational renewable energy developments, helping their local community to reduce their carbon footprint.

This may include:

  • installing electric vehicle charging points
  • purchasing electric vehicles for shared or community use
  • growing local produce and sell it locally
  • and thinking about the energy efficiencies that could be made to the way they power and heat community buildings

More than £400,000 of our community benefit funds have been used across the UK to deliver energy efficiency initiatives in community buildings including upgrading insulation and heating systems, installing double glazing, biomass boilers and solar panels.

Our Harestanes Windfarm community benefit fund provided £15,000 seed funding enabling the resident-led Nith Valley Leaf Trust (NVLT), to secure further funding to develop and construct three affordable, family-sized, energy efficient Passivhaus certified rental properties in the community of Closeburn. At Coldham Windfarm, Fenland District Council has contributed £3,861 to Resource Futures Ltd to assist in the delivery of an online recycling education campaign to promote sustainability and encourage lasting behavioural changes.

What is Net Zero

Click to view video
Click to view video

Sam Gardener, Head of Climate Change and Sustainability at ScottishPower, talks about Net Zero and the steps we can all take to address climate change.

Community Benefit COP26 Challenge

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