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Clauchrie Windfarm


Clauchrie Windfarm is located in an area of commercial forestry on the National Forest Estate approximately 5.5km north-east of Barrhill in South Ayrshire.

Current Stage

The Section 36 Application was refused by Scottish Ministers on 31st August 2023. The determination notice can be viewed here: Determination Notice

ScottishPower Renewables note the decision issued by Scottish Ministers and are currently reviewing ahead of determining the next steps for Clauchrie Windfarm.

Project History

As part of the development process two wind monitoring masts were installed within the Site, on Knockinlockie Hill in 2017 and at Pindonnan Craigs in 2019.

A Scoping report was submitted to the Scottish Government’s Energy Consent Unit in March 2019.

In December 2019 ScottishPower Renewables (SPR) submitted a Section 36 Application to the Scottish Government for a development consisting of 18 wind turbines up to 200m in height to blade tip with an overall generating capacity of around 100 megawatts (MW). The proposed development would also incorporate a 25MW energy storage facility, the inclusion of which would provide the opportunity to better meet energy demand with supply and provide greater stability to the electricity supply network.

The proposed design was reached following feedback from consultees and communities. A comprehensive suite of environmental surveys also informed the proposed design including local ecology, archaeology, hydrology, ornithology and access. Turbine positions and associated infrastructure evolved through an iterative design process to achieve a final layout sympathetic to environmental constraints and the surrounding landscape. 

Further details of the project including electronic copies of the EIA Report documents and the application and consultation process can be found using the links below.

Key Benefits

With established operational sites nearby, SPR has a history of working positively with communities within the region. SPR is keen to ensure the employment and business skills required to maximise economic benefits can be delivered locally to ensure those who live near our sites benefit. 

During the construction phase alone, the development is expected to generate £7.7 million GVA and 116 years of employment locally; and £35 million GVA and 542 years of employment in Scotland.

To date, SPR has voluntarily contributed more than £32 million in community benefit funding across the UK, including over £7 million to communities in Dumfries and Galloway and over £6.3 million to South Ayrshire communities. A wide range of local projects and community initiatives have been supported by the funds including:

  • 174 community facilities and services projects totalling £339,025.60
  • 47 community or local event projects totalling £39,089.33
  • 16 environmental projects totalling £30,224.45
  • 11 heritage projects totalling £11,036
  • 26 skills and employment projects totalling £26,344.48
  • 73 sport and recreation projects totalling £79,290.17, and
  • 129 youth and education projects totalling £102,981.21

Via the provision of a package of community benefits, SPR is committed to funding further projects in the local area, including those identified in various local community council action plans, which could improve community buildings, support new services and expand village infrastructure. Local communities will also be offered the opportunity to invest in the development.

High level benefits are noted in the graphic below with more detail available in the link to the project summary leaflet within the documents section:

Clauchrie infographic

Site Enhancements

The proposal would incorporate environmental enhancements including a Habitat Management Area, supporting the conservation and enhancement of peatland and riparian habitat in the area.  Other enhancements are included designed to add value to the general area, including the provision of a recreational car park and access opportunities within the Site.


Please click on the links below to view the Clauchrie Windfarm EIA Report documents.

Volume 2a - EIA Report Figures

Volume 2b - EIA Report Figures

Volume 3a - LVIA Figures

Volume 3b - LVIA Visualisations

Volume 4 - Technical Appendices


The Clauchrie Windfarm Development Project Team can be contacted directly by email.

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