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Brigstock Solar Project

The proposed Development comprises solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that will provide up to 49.9 MW of power 

Brigstock site plan

Above: Brigstock Site Location Plan


ScottishPower Renewables (UK) Limited, (SPR) is developing Brigstock Solar PV Scheme, comprising of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels with associated infrastructure including inverters and a substation compound as well as fencing, security cameras and cabling. The solar PV farm will export up to 49.9MW renewable electricity to the wider electricity network.  The site is located near the village of Brigstock in North Northamptonshire.


Brigstock Solar PV Scheme (‘the Proposed Development’) is located within the Boughton Estate, approximately 2 kilometres (km) to the southwest of Brigstock and 1.5km to the east of Geddington. The site lies immediately to the south of Old Lodge Farm, to the north of Old Head Wood and to the southeast of Geddington Chase (‘the Site’).

The site comprises gently undulating arable fields which have been used primarily for the production of wheat.  Field sizes are medium to large in scale and divided by native hedgerows with the occasional mature native hedgerow tree.  There are several ditches and watercourses within the site boundary, the largest of which runs northwest to southeast in the western section of the proposed Development area and is lined with trees and hedge. The site also contains eight small ponds and other waterlogged and/or sloping areas which have been left uncultivated, including an area of wildflower grassland of approximately 1.3 hectares (ha) in the western part of the site near the watercourse.

Access for the scheme is off Grafton Road to the east.

The total area of the site including the existing access track to Grafton Road is approximately 98.8ha.

Development & Project History

A planning application for the Proposed Development was submitted on 11/02/2020 to North Northamptonshire Council (East Northamptonshire Area) and validated on 19th February 2020.  North Northamptonshire Council consented the development (planning reference 20/00207/FUL) on the 14th January 2022.  Since this time, SPR have been working with North Northamptonshire Council to discharge pre-commencement planning conditions. 

Design Considerations & Evolution

The Proposed Development will consist of a Solar PV Farm and associated infrastructure including housing for inverters and a substation compound as well as fencing, security cameras, cabling and a new network of internal single tracks.

The solar PV farm is proposed to consist of rows of solar panels known as strings orientated to face south and installed at a 15-25˚ incline from the horizontal.  The panels would be mounted at approximately 0.6 metres (m) from the ground at the lowest point (the southern edge) rising to approximately 2.5m at the highest point (the northern edge), although the anticipated maximum height could be up to 3m.

Each string of panels would be mounted on a metal frame, with metal supports, pile driven into the ground to a depth of approximately 1 to 2m, depending on ground conditions.  Alternatively, the frames could sit on concrete footings in the eventuality that pre-construction geophysical surveys reveal certain areas to have archaeological potential.  Between each frame there would be a distance of between 3m and 6m to avoid inter-panel shading and provide suitable access, depending on the topography, with less space required on steeper south facing slopes.

The substation compound will be located adjacent to the southern boundary of the site and has been sited in a visually unobtrusive location far away from residential properties.  The 30m x 30m compound will contain a control building, a transformer, a storage building and communications mast, surrounded by 3m high palisade fencing.  For security purposes there will be CCTV cameras located at multiple locations throughout the site, mounted on poles measuring approximately 3m in height and facing into the site, as well as perimeter stock proof fencing and gates of 3m in height at various locations throughout the site.

Preferred areas for the arrays and the ancillary development will be selected based on environmental, landscape and visual assessments.  Further details on the finalised design will be available prior to commencement of construction.

View an indicative Site Layout and Landscape plan.

Site Enhancements & Key benefits

In addition to the generation of renewable energy, Brigstock Solar PV scheme will also provide a host of ecological and landscape benefits to the Site.  The landscape proposals have been designed to preserve and enhance the existing landscape features, to screen views of the solar panels from outside the site and to enhance the biodiversity and habitat value of the Site.

The landscape scheme will include the following elements:

  • Retention of existing ponds and wildflower grassland areas, to be fenced off to prevent sheep grazing;
  • Creation of new pond for biodiversity enhancement along the eastern boundary of the Site;
  • Retention of existing trees and hedges around the perimeter of the Site;
  • Retention of hedgerows within the site, with the exception of small openings for access tracks;
  • Enhancement of perimeter hedgerow with additional native hedge and tree planting and an area of denser shrub planting in the northwest corner of the site to screen views from the nearby Public Right of Way (PRoW);
  • A native species grazing mix will be sown around the solar panels throughout the site; and
  • A native species wildflower mix will be sown around the perimeter of the site outside of the fence-line and in the areas to be fenced off around the watercourse in the southwest and around each of the ponds.

Maintenance measures for the landscape scheme are provided on the Site Layout and Landscape Plan.

Community Consultation

Consultation is key to the way SPR develops projects and ensure that local communities and stakeholders are given the opportunity to provide feedback throughout the various stages.

As SPR progress with the Brigstock Solar PV Scheme this webpage will be revised on a regular basis with project updates.  You can contact the Project Team on the project mailbox address noted in the "Contact" section below.

Project Documents

Please click on the following link to the East Northamptonshire District Council website to view the Brigstock Solar PV Scheme planning documents (reference 20/00207/FUL):


The Project Team can be contacted directly by email.

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