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Beinn an Tuirc Windfarm Phase 3

Infographic - 19 turbines
Infographic - 34MW

Beinn an Tuirc Windfarm Phase 3 Project Details


Approximately 7.5 kilometres north of Campbeltown on the Kintyre peninsula


The planning application was submitted to Argyll and Bute Council in November 2015. Details of the application can be found here .  

A document comprising Additional Environmental Information was then submitted on 19th December.

Planning approval received from Argyll and Bute Council, 22nd February 2017.  

No. Turbines

17 turbines with a maximum height of 126 metres from the base to the tip of the blade at its highest point and 2 turbines with a maximum height to blade tip of 106m from the base.

Operating Capacity

Up to 38 megawatts

Project History

We have operated Beinn an Tuirc Windfarm since 2001, with the site’s 45 turbines generating up to 30 megawatts power. Construction of Beinn an Tuirc Windfarm Phase 2 increased the number of turbines on site to 64, with a total generating capacity of up to 73.4 megawatts.

We identified an area to the south of these windfarms as a location suitable for a further extension. This area is within a ‘broad area for search’ for windfarm development, as identified by Argyll and Bute Council. This project is called Beinn an Tuirc Windfarm Phase 3.

Community Consultation 

We visited local communities in July 2013 to introduce our proposals and again in February 2014 and March 2014 to provide a further update. The feedback received through consultation, along with data obtained through extensive environmental survey work has helped to shaped the final design of the windfarm.


As responsible developers of renewable energy, we strive to be good neighbours in all aspects of our work. We are committed to Argyll and Bute and to maximising opportunities for local communities to benefit from our projects.

SPR’s operational windfarms have contributed more than £18.8 million of support towards community initiatives across the UK, with their existing local windfarms (Cruach Mhor, Clachan Flats and Beinn an Tuirc) contributing over £1.1 million of support to Argyll & Bute communities. The flexible approach adopted by SPR has empowered local communities to decide what the community benefit is spent on. This has resulted in a fantastic diversity of projects being delivered from improving local amenities including town halls, cinemas and local youth clubs, to supporting work experience places, educational workshops and much more.

Beinn an Tuirc Windfarm Phase 3 would further increase the funds available, if consented.

Together with ALIenergy (Argyll, Lomond & the Islands Energy Agency) and Argyll & Bute Council, SPR has supported educational work with school children and community groups across the region to raise awareness about renewable energy. More recently, through Beinn an Tuirc Windfarm Phase 2 community benefit package, SPR and Argyll and Bute Council have committed three years of the regional tranche of the fund towards the delivery of a new renewable Education & Development Officer, to be managed by ALIenergy. This commitment of over £100,000 is anticipated to focus on broadening and strengthening the skills base locally as well as promoting employability skills and preparing school leavers for local opportunities. The Education & Development role commenced in February 2015.

As an active member of Argyll and Bute Renewable Alliance (ABRA), we are working with Argyll and Bute Council and local stakeholders to ensure that renewable energy boosts the local economy and creates opportunities for local people.


The Project Team can be contacted directly by email.

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