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How To Use The Kilgallioch Windfarm Interactive Map

The interactive map for Kilgallioch Windfarm is designed to allow you to view the theoretical visibility of the proposed turbines, to zoom into an area you are interested in and to view photomontages from some particular viewpoints in the surrounding area to see what the wind farm would look like.

As part of the assessment process during the development of the Kilgallioch Windfarm, computer modelling was used to illustrate the potential effects of the wind turbines through the production of a zone of theoretical visibility diagram, wirelines, and photomontages. There are limitations in these theoretical productions, and these should be borne in mind in their consideration and use.

The zone of theoretical visibility was generated using specialist software and illustrates the 'bare ground' situation, not taking into account the screening effects of vegetation, buildings, or other local features that may allow, prevent or reduce visibility of the turbines. The zone of theoretical visibility is banded in colours to demonstrate the number of turbines that may theoretically be seen from any point in the study area although this does not take into account how much of each turbine can be seen, it could be just the tip of a blade or the entire turbine. The view is assessed from two metres above ground level to represent a maximum effect, and does not account for a general decrease in prominence with distance and various weather conditions.

Photomontages were produced for nine viewpoints to show how the turbines would look against the existing view. These are generally located in close proximity to the windfarm site and from the more sensitive locations such as local settlements, roads or tourist attractions. You can click on any of the viewpoints shown on the map to view the photomontage from that location. Some views are available from the same location but looking in different directions and you can move around to the next view by selecting the next segment.

The Kilgallioch Windfarm interactive map, and the visualisations within it, have been updated to reflect the amended wind farm layout of 99 turbines as presented in the Addendum submitted to the Scottish Government in January 2012.

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