Audio Transcript: Powering Your Future

The text below is the transcript from the Powering Your Future video.

Video Title: Powering Your Future

CHPV is a unique company, we’ve been going since 1964 and we supply media services, be it stills, video, 360 drone flying and we get to see facets of the project that most people never get to see. Technology has moved us more and more into the future and now we’re one of the most high-tech media companies in Europe. Some of the feats of engineering we’ve seen and the projects, I mean I’ve seen projects I just wouldn’t imagine. We’re probably the only people on the whole project that gets to go and see the whole project from the cables being made, blades being made, turbines being constructed and  

Stability for us is important being a small company, ScottishPower at East Anglia One has given us that stability. We know for the next 25 years that operations and maintenance is going to be required. You’ve got to have vessels, you’ve got to have caterers, you’ve got to have skippers, you’ve got to have technicians, you’ve got to have administration, you’ve got to have logistics all of that has got to be maintained for 25 years.

So now, in Lowestoft, in Wells-next-the-sea, in Yarmouth and a lot of places around here, you could earn good money going offshore and come home every night and it’s fantastic, great opportunity and once you’ve got that skill, you can go anywhere in the world. I go around the world and I’m always bumping into someone from East Anglia, always. Julian joined us a couple of years ago, so we’ve increased the team there. We want to increase the team again, we’re looking at an apprentice, someone we can take and pass on the skills we’ve learned.

So, that the next generation can do it, because these wind farms, they’re going to keep going, going to keep going all of the time with solar panels, wind farms, renewable energy. That’s the way of the future. So, it is a great opportunity, I’d rise any student, being catering, be it a technician, be it logistics, look at renewables sector as a way to go forward.