Audio Transcript: East Anglia ONE North and East Anglia Two Project Update July 2019

The text below is the transcript from the 'East Anglia ONE North and East Anglia Two Project Update' video. An audio-described version of the video is also available.

Video Title: East Anglia ONE North and East Anglia Two Project Update July 2019

ScottishPower Renewables is developing windfarms off the coast of Suffolk and have consulted with local communities on its proposed East Anglia TWO and ONE North projects.

Forty-two public events were held throughout the consultation period and over 2000 responses were received.

We’d like to thank everyone who took the opportunity to feedback on our proposals and we are now pleased to share some of the actions we have taken in response.

Protecting the visual landscape around our substation site was a commonly raised matter, so we’ve added provision for more planted screening around the proposed substation site, using native plants and trees, and designated areas for early planting.

We are creating wildlife corridors between new and existing woodlands and we have further considered the footpath network around the site

Traffic and transport was also commented on. To address this, we are no longer using Thorpeness Road to access the Landfall site, allowing us to remove the need to undertake physical works at the  Aldeburgh roundabout  from our plans. Perhaps more importantly, we have managed to reduce the number of Heavy Goods Vehicle movements in this area from 55 to 10 a day.

Concerns were raised over the size of our construction compound sites so following a review of our East Anglia ONE experience we are reducing these by 60% and have also removed one altogether. This will result in less works traffic needed for construction and reinstatement.

Our proposed development area has been modified to avoid a number of residential properties, minimise impact on sensitive wildlife in the Sandlings Special Protection Area, further limit the potential impact on farmland and avoid where possible sensitive archaeological sites.

We have also acted on statutory stakeholder feedback on the land-to-sea visual impact assessment.  Our new turbine layout will break up the view out to sea by effectively creating gaps between the development areas.

These are just some of the requested changes that we have acted on to bring this essential energy infrastructure project to fruition whilst being mindful of your views.