Women in Engineering - Alexis Pacot



Alexis Pacot

UK Head of Technical Services

What is your role in SPR?

I lead a fantastic engineering team of technical experts in the renewable energy industry, who identify solutions to often complex problems to assure optimal generation. The team covers mechanical, electrical, civil and condition monitoring engineering. My remit is global and includes future renewable generation projects as well as more established operational sites, both onshore and offshore.

What inspired you to become an Engineer?

During high school I loved maths and physics. I enjoyed solving problems and liked to apply science to find the answer. I decided to study mechanical engineering as I could continue to learn maths and physics along with new technical subjects with the added benefit of spending a  year studying in a prestigious French engineering school.

How long have you been at SPR/How did you get here?

Subsequent to attaining a MEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, I started my career as an engineer in manufacturing communications solutions and soon afterwards I was working abroad in an engineering role in the automotive manufacturing industry.  Later, I was tempted to move away from the manufacturing sector and although in its infancy, renewables seemed like a great area to get involved in, when an opportunity came up. 

I have been with SPR for 18 years. I initially joined as a junior engineer who assessed the technical feasibility of wind turbines and their suitability for our portfolio. I worked closely with suppliers and had the opportunity to travel across Europe to work with engineers and inspect components. Following promotion to a more senior engineering role,  I moved to a technical - commercial role before becoming the Head of Technical Services.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned in your career?

People are the most valuable asset.

What would you say to inspire women in engineering?

Come join us. It is an exciting vibrant and challenging industry to be involved in with lots of opportunity to develop knowledge, apply engineering skills and make a difference to future of energy supply.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Take all opportunities to learn more. Take on challenges and have faith in your decision making.

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