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Paper Mill Lane chosen as preferred Construction Consolidation Site


Following the completion of site access points at three Consolidated Construction Sites (CCSs) in July, Paper Mill Lane has been chosen as the location for the installation of the full CCS. The remaining work includes the provision of office cabins, welfare, parking and storage facilities for equipment and materials.

Our contractor NKT has told us they also wish to continue work at Playford Corner and Clappits Farm, in readiness for the arrival of office cabins and associated facilities in the latter half of 2023. Work is anticipated to resume at these locations from the end of September, continuing until the end of November and will include:

  • Installation of post and wire fencing around the site perimeter
  • Stripping of topsoil to be stockpiled as earth bunds
  • Installation of silt fencing
  • Excavation for the installation of drainage
  • Installation of site hardstanding and access road

Office cabins, welfare and storage facilities will be brought to site in the latter half of 2023. Work on the installation of the onshore cables will begin in 2024.

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