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Keith Anderson Appointed as CEO of ScottishPower - Lindsay McQuade Takes Over at ScottishPower Renewables


Keith Anderson has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of ScottishPower, a promotion from his previous combined roles as CEO of ScottishPower Renewables (SPR), and Chief Corporate Officer of ScottishPower.

In his new role, Keith Anderson will have ultimate responsibility for all ScottishPower businesses, and for the leadership of ScottishPower internally and externally. Keith will continue to sit on the ScottishPower Board and the appointment does not otherwise change the formal governance of the company.

Lindsay McQuade, previously Director of Policy & Innovation, will assume full responsibility for the management of SPR in the UK as CEO. Lindsay will oversee an operational portfolio of more than 40 windfarm sites, generating over 2 gigawatts of renewable energy, as well as the development of new projects.

Lindsay McQuade

Keith Anderson said: “Just last week Iberdrola announced a major global investment plan over the next 5 years, with more than €6 billion set to be invested in the UK. We will be delivering this investment in renewables, networks and customer service at a time when the political and regulatory environment in the UK is as challenging as it has ever been. In the role of CEO I will be working hard to ensure that all of our business areas can continue to deliver for our customers, while our major investments help to develop a smarter and cleaner energy system for the UK.”

Lindsay McQuade said: “ScottishPower Renewables has led the way in the UK over the last twenty years in driving forward the growth of wind power. We have an experienced team of professionals managing one of the largest portfolios of green power in the country. Looking ahead, we face the challenges of renewing and extending the life of existing projects, at the same time as finding ways to deliver new megawatts of green electricity. Our expertise in the sector will help us continue to grow the business.”


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