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Kate Will Help Shape the Future of Scotland's Renewable Energy Industry


Kate Turner, ScottishPower Renewables’ Director of Policy and Regulation has been re-elected to the Board of Scottish Renewables, the industry body for renewable energy in Scotland.

Kate Tuner PortraitWorking alongside her fellow board members, Kate will help guide the organisation as it works to grow Scotland’s renewable energy sector and sustain its position at the forefront of the global clean energy industry while helping to manage a just transition to a net-zero energy system.

Kate was one of three board members elected from a pool of 14 candidates from among Scottish Renewables’ 330 member companies. She will serve a three-year term.

Speaking after her election, Kate said: “There’s never been a more exciting, or crucial time, to be part of the renewables industry in Scotland and I’m very proud to have been re-elected to this important role.

“Scotland has always played a leading role in championing renewables and driving the transition to a cleaner, greener future, and now we’re spearheading the floating offshore wind revolution, with commercial-scale projects of a size and scale never seen before. That will kickstart a new global green industry, with Scotland at its very core.

“At the same time, issues around affordability and energy security are having a clear and tangible impact on all our daily lives, so the need to speed up the transition to an electric future, powered by homegrown green electricity has never been greater.

“This will bring with it a whole host of additional benefits including jobs, investment and supply chain growth – all powered by renewable energy. It’s great to be a part of that.”

Adam Morrison, Chair of Scottish Renewables, said: “The Board of Scottish Renewables is elected by our 330 member companies, who have once again taken the opportunity to shape the leadership of Scotland’s renewable energy industry.

“The significant experiences that Kate and her fellow Board members have across different technologies and policy areas will be invaluable to us as renewable energy continues to play a vital role in Scotland’s economy.”

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