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Installation of Construction Consolidation Sites


Work will begin installing temporary Construction Consolidation Sites (CCSs) in July. A CCS will be used for office space, welfare, parking and the storage of equipment and materials.

The accesses will be installed off the public highway and traffic management will be installed for the safety of all road users. Please see below for information on closures and diversions.

Playford Corner
Bealings Road will be closed between Butts Road and Church Road between 11-16 July 2022. A diversion route will run as follows:

  • From Butts Road, the diversion route runs west to the junction with Grundisburgh Road, then north-east to Grundisburgh, east along the B1079 and west through Great Bealings.
  • From Church Road the diversion runs east through Great Bealings, north-west along the B1079 to Grundisburgh and south through Culpho to Bealings Road.

A drawing of the diversion route is available here.

Clappits Farm
Newbourne Road/Woodbridge Road will be closed south of the junction with Ipswich Road to Clappits Farm between 18-23 July 2022. Access will be provided to residents on the road, with through-traffic following an approved diversion route:

  • North of the closure the diversion will run west along Ipswich Road and then south and east along Ipswich Road to Newbourne.
  • South of the closure the diversion will run via Newbourne, west, north and then east along Ipswich Road.

A drawing of the diversion route is available here.

Public Right of Way E-537/031/0, east from Newbourne Road/Woodbridge Road to Mill Road, will also be closed between 18-25 July 2022.

The Notice for the PROW closure is available here.

Paper Mill Lane
A lane closure will be implemented on Paper Mill Lane on 25 July while a slip lane to our CCS site is created. Traffic lights are expected to be in place for up to ten days while the work is completed.

A 30mph speed limit will also be implemented on the northern end of Paper Mill Lane on 25 July while activity takes place at the site. In the event Paper Mill Lane is chosen as the location to install the CCS, the speed restriction would remain in place until the end of the construction phase in 2025.

A decision on which CCS to install will be taken at the end of the month. All CCSs will be removed at the end of the project and the land reinstated.

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