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IBERDROLA RENOVABLES’ installed capacity exceeds 10,000 MW


The company has installed 2,054 MW in 12 months, reinforcing its position as world leader

- More than half of the capacity added (1,121 MW) was in the US, taking the total there to 3,104 MW

- The company’s global power production rose 23.7% to 10,558 million kWh

IBERDROLA RENOVABLES ended the first half of 2009 with 10,003 MW of installed capacity, strengthening its position as the world’s leading wind energy company.* This represents an increase of 2,054 MW (25.8%) from the same period last year.

This capacity of 10,003 MW, equivalent to 10 average-sized Spanish nuclear power plants, could avoid the emission of 8,000,000 tonnes of CO2 a year and supply power to some 20 million Spaniards (45% of the population).

More than half of the new capacity (1,121 MW) was installed in the US, taking the total there to 3,104 MW as of 30th June, 56.6% higher than the year-earlier figure. A significant part of the company’s growth is taking place in the US, due, among other factors, to a favourable regulatory environment.

Installed capacity in the UK, another of IBERDROLA RENOVABLES’ priority markets, rose 48.8% to 790 MW.

In Spain, installed wind energy capacity stood at 4,730 MW at 30th June, marking a 347 MW increase over the previous 12 months. The company also has 342 MW of small-scale hydroelectric power in Spain, and 50 MW at the company’s first solar thermal plant in Puertollano. In total renewable capacity in the country amounts to 5,124 MW or 51.2% of total installed capacity.

Castilla La Mancha has the highest installed capacity among the autonomous regions, with 1,981 MW at the end of the first half of the year, followed by Castilla y León (1,120 MW), Galicia (627 MW), Andalucía (512 MW), Aragón (278 MW), La Rioja (248 MW), País Vasco (153 MW), Murcia (76 MW), Valencia (56 MW), Navarra (44 MW), Cantabria (23 MW), Extremadura (5 MW) and Madrid (1 MW).

In the rest of the world, installed capacity at 30th June stood at 985 MW, 38.7% higher than the year before. The company has 235 MW in France, 217 MW in Greece, 161 MW in Poland, 92 MW in Portugal, 80 MW in Mexico, 63 MW in Germany, 50 MW in Hungary, 49 MW in Brazil, and 38 MW in Italy.

Between January and June 2009, the company’s installed capacity increased by 701 MW, as follows: 257 MW in Spain, 227 MW in the US, 125 MW in the UK and 92 MW in the rest of the world.

Electricity production at IBERDROLA RENOVABLES rose 23.7% to 10,585 million kWh in the 12 months to 30th June, with wind power in Spain accounting for 44% (4,658 million kWh). The largest increases were in the UK (57.5%) and the US (45.3%). Of the total, 96.8% (10,249 million kWh) of the energy generated by the company is wind power.

* Source: New Energy Finance



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