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£60million awarded to communities by ScottishPower Renewables


Communities across the UK and Ireland have benefitted from over £60 million of funding thanks to ScottishPower Renewables windfarms.

  • ScottishPower Renewables has awarded over £60 million in funding to communities across the UK and Ireland

  • 36 windfarms have provide the funds over the past three decades

  • More than 5,000 projects all across the country have benefitted from the funds


WhiteleeCommunityDay_24The funds, awarded by ScottishPower to communities close to their renewable operations, have supported 36 communities and over 5,000 projects since their inception almost thirty years ago.

In reaching the £60m milestone ScottishPower Renewables has supported projects big and small ranging from £2,000 for the Eisteddfod Festival in Wales all the way up to £348,000 for STEM activities in Kintyre.

ScottishPower Renewables windfarms provide the critical, zero carbon electricity the UK needs, but, through its windfarm fund the renewable developer wants to go further by leaving a lasting, positive impact on the communities its sites call home.

Charlie Jordan, CEO of ScottishPower Renewables, explains more: “Almost 30 years ago we developed our first onshore windfarm, which has served the UK by providing clean, green electricity and paving the way for future developments. But, it has also helped to serve its local community by providing key funds to support the ambitions of the people who live and work there.

“Just as wind turbines have developed since then, so to have community funds, but their core purpose has remained the same – to help our communities seize opportunities that may not have been realised without the funds, providing a lasting legacy from our windfarms.

“Our funds have supported projects of all shapes and sizes and it’s an honour that we have been able to help support so many amazing initiatives over the past three decades.

“We’re continually striving to be the best neighbour to our communities given they are at the heart of what we do, and firmly believe they are best placed to determine how best to use the funds from our developments to drive benefits that mean most to them.”

The community of New Luce in Dumfries and Galloway has received almost £1million from ScottishPower’s Kilgallioch Windfarm Community Benefit to support the work of New Luce Community Trust, including funding the restoration and reopening of a beloved hotel and restaurant.

Speaking about the funding awards, Neale McQuistin, Chair of the local Community Council, said: “Thanks to the Killgallioch Windfarm Community Benefit Fund, our shop has been saved and is now a thriving, bustling shop, the village hall is doing great and our new hotel here in New Luce is the jewel in our crown. We also have a fabulous play park – it’s turned into a great asset for the whole of Wigtonshire. Lots of families from Newton Stewart, Stranraer and surrounding towns bring their children to play here – and they may well stay here and have lunch in the hotel, so it’s all beginning to come together – great times ahead for the village of New Luce.”

ScottishPower Renewables owns and operates 36 onshore windfarms across the UK.

Find out more about the projects and initiatives ScottishPower Renewables’ community benefit funding has supported this year alone in the latest annual report: SPR Community Benefit 2023 Report.

And read more on how it’s creating an environmental legacy for communities, building the next generation of renewable power and community benefits in the newly published Powering Communities Report.


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